Wednesday, February 13, 2013

DC Comics' New 52 Action Figures

I grew up watching Superfriends with my brothers and sister. It was one of those rare moments where we just sit down and not fight about toys. Aside from toys, I also collect comic books. When DC announced the overhaul, I had my doubts. Besides, I want to read about  and see my superheroes exactly the way it was before. But, change is inevitable. The characters need to evolve and appeal to the mainstream audience. 

I subscribed to the comic books and Justice League, Wonder Woman, Batman, Action Comics and i-Vampire became my instant favorites. And I was so looking forward to the action figures that will be released. In December 2012, I finally got my gift set (also bought the individual figures but will remain mint on card forever -- lol). So, I would like to share with you some of my shots of the New 52 big 6. Still need to take Flash out for a spin later this month. :) 

Wonder Woman “Go in peace my daughter. And remember that, in a world of ordinary mortals, you are a Wonder Woman.” Queen Hippolyte

Cyborg "I got this..."

Superman  "…For this reason above all, their capacity for good, I have sent them you… my only son." -Jor-El

Batman "I must be a creature of the night. Mommy's dead. Daddy's dead. Brucie's dead. I shall become a bat"

Green Lantern "...beware my power, Green Lantern's light!"

Aquaman "...I will defend earth's oceans."

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