Monday, November 10, 2014

75 Years of Batman

Batman is celebrating his 75th birthday this year and fans all over the world are treated with events showcasing the caped crusader's history throughout the years.
A group of toy collectors from the South of the Metro got invited to exhibit their Batman figures and vehicles at SM BF, Paranaque in October 24-31, 2014. 

The many faces of Batsie. One side of the mini theater.
Fans were also treated to a special screening of Batman's various vehicles from 66 up to The Bat.

The event would not be complete without showcasing some Batman action figures and some of Gotham City's key characters. I also got to display some of my action figures and vehicles together with my fellow toy collectors from the south of the Metro -- Jeffrey Velasquez and sons, Raffy Panganiban, Karsen Bob Teh, PJ Arcellana, JC Rivera and Liam Caballes.

Truly a great year for Batman fans, not only we're being bombarded with tons of collectibles but also, we get to celebrate Batman's history and introduce him to the new generation of Batman fans. Cheers, Batman! And please watch your back. :)

Friday, November 7, 2014


Big Hero 6 is the hotly anticipated animated film from Disney. Movie is based from Marvel comics with the same title. This is now being shown here in Manila and 3 weeks ago, the toys were released in the local market. I found myself completing the set weeks after its movie release because we all know what happens when you wait for the movie to be released -- by weekend opening, all the good stuff are gone.

The toys are awesome! There are 6 types of Baymax released (including the plush) but I did get the Armor Up Baymax because this is scale to the other characters released. This version is just like enjoying both worlds, if you want just the regular Baymax you can remove the armor unlike the other versions. The figures are well articulated thank you, Bandai! Will review the figures on my next post. 

Got a total of 7 figures. Didn't get the small Baymax (4 inches) since it is really out of scale.
Baymax vs the soccer ball
Spent an entire week to finish a diorama in time for the movie release. :)

We are ready!
 Like with my other posts, will show you next time the behind-the-scene. :) 


Saturday, November 1, 2014

Little Ghost, Little Ghost

Little ghost, little ghost
One I'm scared of the most
Can you scare me up a little bit of love?

-- well, that's the end credit song of the movie. A song that will almost got stuck for hours after watching Paranorman. I have seen the movie countless times and yep, 'will see it again today.

 The toys were released by Huckleberry 2 years ago and each of the 4 zombies comes with a tombstone while Alvin comes with a book and Norman comes with a zombie hand. 

 In the movie, Norman was haunted by his uncle in the restroom then had an episode and he was transported in a forest standing on a toiler bowl and the tissues are forming zombies reaching for him.

TIP: For the hand, I used twisties then wrapped it with a tissue paper. I then enhanced it using Photoshop to give that certain 'ghostly' feel.

In the movie, Norman started reading the book the in the cemetery. Then it's all hell from thereon.

Then we see Norman and Alvin fleeing the cemetery and into his uncle's cabin. 

TIP: I used green lamp to achieve this effect.

Still trying to figure out how to do the next scene because the characters released by Huckleberry are just limited. Hope you enjoy and feel free to share. :)

Happy Halloween, everyone! :)

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