Friday, November 7, 2014


Big Hero 6 is the hotly anticipated animated film from Disney. Movie is based from Marvel comics with the same title. This is now being shown here in Manila and 3 weeks ago, the toys were released in the local market. I found myself completing the set weeks after its movie release because we all know what happens when you wait for the movie to be released -- by weekend opening, all the good stuff are gone.

The toys are awesome! There are 6 types of Baymax released (including the plush) but I did get the Armor Up Baymax because this is scale to the other characters released. This version is just like enjoying both worlds, if you want just the regular Baymax you can remove the armor unlike the other versions. The figures are well articulated thank you, Bandai! Will review the figures on my next post. 

Got a total of 7 figures. Didn't get the small Baymax (4 inches) since it is really out of scale.
Baymax vs the soccer ball
Spent an entire week to finish a diorama in time for the movie release. :)

We are ready!
 Like with my other posts, will show you next time the behind-the-scene. :) 


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