Sunday, March 3, 2013

Your next mission, Agent Fisher....

Agent Sam Fisher by NECA. I'm really looking forward to the live action movie to be released soon. :) 

Here's a tutorial on how to do the lens flare:

First, download the jpeg of lens flare here:

1. Open your file in PS. Then open the lens flare image that you have downloaded.
2. On the lens flare file, double click the layer named 'background' then press ok.
3. Using the MOVE tool, drag the lens flare to the file that you are working on.
4. Notice that the lens background is still black. To remove that, set the blend mode to
5. Once blend mode is set to 'screen', the black background will no longer be visible.
6. To remove other elements in the flare, use the ERASER tool.
7. You can now transform, move or even modify the color of the flare.


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