Monday, January 6, 2014

Cosplay Photography

I have high respect to people who cos-play. It's not an easy task to wear a suit, sweating inside just so they can put a smile to other people.What many don't know is how much effort are being put through to cos-play. Some spend so much moolah just to be the costume accurate. Many commute carrying their heavy costume from north to south.

They go to conventions and people flock to take pictures of them. They have become an integral part of any toy conventions and they contribute greatly to the success of it.

Still finding my niche in this form of photography but for me, the 3 most important things are: (1) Lighting (2) Location, and (3) The willingness of the cosplayer to try different poses.

Fortunate to have close friends who are willing to pose in front of my camera. :)

Glenmarc 'Flash' Antonio as Shaider

Phoebe Pinlac as Tifa from Final Fantasy

Glenmarc 'Flash' Antonio as Deadpool

Can't wait for more photo shoots with cosplayers this year :)

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