Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Wreck-It-Ralph is one of my all-time favorite animated films. And earlier this year, I decided to create a diorama based on Disney's animated film as my entry in the 2014 Toy Convention held at SM Megamall, Manila. From the interior (buildings with furniture and light) to the exterior -- arcade style :)

Shot taken from the outside. I placed a blue LCD to make it more arcade-ish.
But, you can also take out the building from the arcade. I'm Gonna Wreck It!
I'm Gonna Fix It! The interior has furniture. The building is just made up of styro board.

This is what it looks like from a far. Got all the buttons (non-working of course) haha and acrylic that acted as the screen since glass is too heavy.

Will show you next time how I have created the diorama (hope I can find all the images in my mobile) hehe. 

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