Saturday, November 1, 2014

Little Ghost, Little Ghost

Little ghost, little ghost
One I'm scared of the most
Can you scare me up a little bit of love?

-- well, that's the end credit song of the movie. A song that will almost got stuck for hours after watching Paranorman. I have seen the movie countless times and yep, 'will see it again today.

 The toys were released by Huckleberry 2 years ago and each of the 4 zombies comes with a tombstone while Alvin comes with a book and Norman comes with a zombie hand. 

 In the movie, Norman was haunted by his uncle in the restroom then had an episode and he was transported in a forest standing on a toiler bowl and the tissues are forming zombies reaching for him.

TIP: For the hand, I used twisties then wrapped it with a tissue paper. I then enhanced it using Photoshop to give that certain 'ghostly' feel.

In the movie, Norman started reading the book the in the cemetery. Then it's all hell from thereon.

Then we see Norman and Alvin fleeing the cemetery and into his uncle's cabin. 

TIP: I used green lamp to achieve this effect.

Still trying to figure out how to do the next scene because the characters released by Huckleberry are just limited. Hope you enjoy and feel free to share. :)

Happy Halloween, everyone! :)

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