Wednesday, June 24, 2015

An Unepected Journey. The Bag End

The Bag End.

It took a me a month to finish this diorama from group up for a local diorama contest. Due to the contest height and width requirements, I had to modify the movie/book version. The roof and back wall can be opened so I can take photos of the interior.

The furniture was hand made using craft sticks while paper clay was used for the food. I covered the exterior with grass powder and added the tree on top of the house.

The Exterior.

The Interior.

The dining room.

The Fireplace. 

The Library. 
I printed book covers and inserted foam inside.

The Pantry.

The study. 
I printed the maps and other effects.

I had a blast creating this diorama and I hope to create more like this in the future. 

The journey continues...
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