Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Creating Kyln and M-Ship

Spaceship! Spaceship! Spaceshiiipp! Okay not really Lego-related but went out like a master builder with this diorama. 

Some of the coolest moments in the movie happened in Kyln, a prison. And in Udonta's M-ship. And that has been my inspiration for this piece.

Like with my previous tutorial, start by planning not just with the shot that you will take but most importantly the measurement. Take time to also consider the materials that will use, you don't want to end up not being able to finish your piece because of lack of materials -- or, you can always improvise.


1. Foam board (bookstore) 
2. Chicken wire (hardware) 
3. Super Glue
4. Spray paint (gray)
5. Acrylic paint (black and brown)
6. Illustration board (bookstore)
7. Acetate or any hard plastic

Start by measuring the foam board and chicken wire before cutting it.

For this piece, I made 5 panels. (2) sides, (1) base (1) backgound (1) cover of the diorama but can act also as a background.

Paint the board and chicken wire with spray paint. Not too close though because this will moisten the board. Lay it flat so I won't curve.

Remember what I told you about improvising? Now is the time. Haha. So, I'm desperate to finish my piece and I still can't find the 'perfect' material for the circle thingy (as seen in the movie). I toyed around with the idea of just using an illustration for the 'pins' and it worked!

Hard part is over now comes the fun part. Of course a diorama is incomplete without any props in it and I like to build my own from the scratch. Just use your imagination. 
I used empty candy container, ballpen, cover of a boxed milk. I also used a busted cable (see images below) and other materials that you can easily find in your home.

Then assemble all the pieces together and you can apply wither effect using black and brown acrylic paint (rust). For the window, you can use acetate or any hard plastic. I made the background panel removable so I can insert the other panel. And yeah, that's me goofing around. :)

I have mentioned earlier about 'light source' For this piece, I took advantage of the base to place a red lamp as seen in my shots. I also used the top of the diorama and side (window). See image below.

I had a blast creating this diorama and now that Marvel has announced GOTG 2, I can't wait to watch it and create more memorable scenes from the movie.

And lastly, I would like to thank you all for the wonderful comments and shares especially in G+!


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